Thank you for reaching his page, you’re probably here to learn more about Kevin.
Its a good start, but its only a web-page.

He’s a freelance video creator, and runs a full-time IT support service for small businesses and home offices.

Kevin’s diverse range of experience and superior technical knowledge mean he is uniquely placed to shoot, edit and create technical and inspiring works.

Combine that with his passion for unmanned aerial systems, Kevin has continued to progress with the technology and the current regulations. He is fully certified by the FAA for flights in the USA both during the day and night.


Kevin can provide safe, high quality digital imagery from the air/land for LIVE real time viewing for concerts, sporting events, construction.

LIVE video and Dual Control are some the services Kevin can provide with his current un-manned aerial system. Allowing for a 2nd creative operator to take full control of camera settings and frame composition while feeding that view to a video village, larger display, or multiple displays.

Aerial night scenes are now a possibility when working with Kevin. He has a full program for planning, authorizing, training and implementing a safe night operation. 

Multiple displays, multiple locations? Kevin designed a main stream video distribution solution for branding in-house video on any HD or 4k screen in your business. Branded videos, menu display boards, or synchronized promotions broadcast simultaneously to many locations, no boundaries, and low cost.